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This site is my online resume and portfolio - always evolving - never to be finished

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This is probably my most difficult web site yet. A site by me, about me. A written resume is just one part of a persons profile, but words alone cannot fully describe a person. This site is a glance at my career and projects that do not fit any defined category. One of my favorite "out-of-the-box" project's was the idea of a sail by, cannon salute from the USS Sloop Providence to the USS Nuclear Submarine Providence, mapping out the steps, and getting the support and action needed from the respective parties required to implement this tribute. The tribute took place in the fall of 2002.

My career has been diverse, but all with a common thread derived from my education at Rhode Island School of Design where I studied Architecture. To me this means that all projects have a logic where the thread ties together elements, that when assembled, result in a well coordinated database, a web application or a building. Starting with nothing, you extract ideas, define a program, establish how it is to be used?, its purpose?, and the intended output? These are just some of the building blocks for a successful project.

Through all aspects of my career, I have always looked to find ways to share my talents and ideas. I reflect back on my Architectural Degree, as a degreee in problem solving.

Presently I am a consultant specializing in web and energy applications. My skills are often utilized in diverse ways, from project conceptualization, technical troubleshooting whether computer code, construction methods, and "can I fix this, without regard to what it is". I also represent Wagner Solar in the RI market, a German firm with over 35 years of expertise



The Providence web site was launched in April 1996 to much fanfare and press coverage. It was a different era, but it was very exciting to be a cyberspace pioneer.

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Helping others has its rewards...
Helping out RIPTA

Tribute to USS Providence from the Sloop Providence

Try the MySQL PHP Code simulator that I built to test code snippets. It is designed to emulate server side scripting and display results instantly. I built this as a teaching tool for my first PHP/MySQL class. I always find that it's easier to learn the abstract by example, and this made it very easy for all participants to get a feel for the languages and their power. Created a Program to write PHP
and MySQL code from table schema in 2004.
My SQL code Generator V.02
 an early recommendation...Comments from my past
In my position as Webmaster, I was quite often the front line for questions for the City of Providence. One day in 2002, I received an email from Commander Kan of the USS Providence seeking to establish a partnership with their namesake city, Providence.

After presenting my the idea of a sail by salute slute with Mayor Lomabardi, it was decided to proceed, establish a namesake partnership with the boat, and since I volunteered, the task was mine.

This was a tribute to bridge the years, with a sail by cannon salute from the Sloop Providence to the USS Providence. The namesake partnership promoted both the morale of the city and that of the crew.

Now this was done to spark cooperation and provide diversity to our web site and recognize the Commander and crew.